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5-Day Challenge

Lead More. Live More. Love More. Achieve More.

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ONE TIME OFFER - BYB ANNUAL PLANNER: The best compliment to the 5-Day Challenge: the BYB Planner. Your personal vision, roles & goals, pre-week planning, weekly focus principle, and templates for doing what matter most are all consolidated into one place. 8.5x11, full year (not quarterly), undated calendar with a weekly view, tailored specifically to what you learn in the 5-Day Challenge. Get 20% OFF by ordering yours here, now. Normally $59.95, $48 here.

This will be a one-time charge on your card of $55 (or $103 with the planner)

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What's Included:
  • Top Content for Top Achievers (8 Fundamental Skills): Designed for the very top achievers; for those who want to be in the top 1%. Mastery of these 8 fundamental skills is the fastest and most effective path.
  • Best Trainers: Each day you get instruction from global leaders and top trainers Steve and Rob Shallenberger; go-to experts  in performance, productivity, and well-being for CEO's, heads-of-state, athletes, & leaders.
  • Brief, Concise, Easy-to-Understand, Easy-to-Apply: You are provided with a workbook & templates that are concise and easy to follow. Also, each day you have a 15-25 minute tutorial video from Rob or Steve that walks you through each skill that drives you to the top. In other words, this is brief, concise, yet powerful for those with busy lives.
  • ​Clear Purpose, Direction, & Path: After Days 1 & 2 you'll have a unique personal vision and unique set of annual goals that give you purpose, direction, and that articulate the path to realizing your vision. The top 1% of leaders do this--so should you!
  • Do What Matters Most: Talk is good, plans are good, but when the rubber meets the road, how do you improve performance and productivity by 30-100%? On Day 3 We show you how with pre-week planning--you'll control your time, your life, and improve health and relationships.
  • Solve Problems & Seize Opportunities: We've developed and applied this 6-step process to help Fortune 500 companies with their biggest problems and opportunities. This universal template gives you and your team the ability to quickly get a plan in place to solve your biggest problem or seize your best opportunity.  This is Day 4. This training has saved millions for many!
  • ​Create Peace, Balance, & Longevity: Improve your relationships, improve your health, and live a better life at the same time you improve your professional productivity and achieve more. Day 5 will help you live a long and meaningful life.
  • ​Pricing: On our trainings page, this course is $499, and we still consider that discounted for the amount, quality, and impact of the content; however, we offer it here for $55.00 because we don't want price to limit anybody from experiencing this content.
  • Refundable: If you feel that the course doesn't live up to it's promise, we'd be happy to refund your investment.
  • OUR GUARANTEE--Track & Measure Success: We show you how to track and measure your growth (real results, no hype)--we guarantee that you'll see performance and productivity significantly improve, 30-100%. Guaranteed.

Rachel Clark

I've seen my performance go up 47% and the best part is, my team did this, and as a team we're achieving our goals!"
Controller, Eagle Systems

Casey Davis

"I loved learning how to Do What Matters Most. It took a few weeks to get into it, but now I feel like I have control of my time. I also feel like my time is more meaningfully spent, and I have the numbers to show it. I'm completing 62% more action items per week. "
Regional Manager, Synergy Companies
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