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More than a Planner, a Process to Achieve More:


Lead with a Vision

The top 3% of high achievers have a written personal vision. With this planner, you get tools to develop a personal vision that drives your purpose, actions, and motivation.


Set Roles & Goals

Set, track, and achieve meaningful annual goals by role. Set goals with integrated role tracking, templates and tools that make your goals a reality. Move boulders, not pebbles.

30-50% MORE

Pre-week Plan

Organize your priorities, then prioritize your time. Accomplish 30-50% more, be organized, find balance, improve relations, be healthy, & Do What Matters Most. 

Step 1 - Choose a Size:

Medium Planner - 6"x8"

The Medium is perfect for the compact, on-the-go achiever. This is a full 12-month planner with a weekly view and daily schedule, allowing you to see all your week at one-time while planning each day individually.

Large Planner - 8.5"x11"

The Large is suited for the packed schedule, executive, and those who need more real estate for their planning. This is a full 12-month planner with a weekly view and daily schedule, allowing you to see all your week at one-time while planning each day individually.

INCLUDES: FREE Shipping (U.S.)

INCLUDES: FREE Shipping (U.S.)

This is the worlds BEST planner because it is the only step-by-step planner to easily define your life vision (purpose & direction), clearly define your annual goals (move boulders not pebbles), and take your vision and goals into the daily and weekly level to truly do what matters most each day. With this planner, you achieve 30-50% more every day and accomplish 500-1,000 additional key action items each year. You create balance across all roles of your life. You simplify and get to what really matters. Also, with 30+ lined note pages, 65 motivation messages, productivity trackers, and performance and productivity guides, this planner is the best tool to make this your best year ever and help you become your best! Try it for yourself.

* 52-Week Success Rhythm *
The Success Rhythm is a made-for-you, easy-to-use process to apply the 12-principles of highly successful leaders on a weekly and daily basis without any extra work on your end. This process let's you shape your life and live it by design. It includes a weekly kick-off with a focus for the week, daily inspiration, tips and suggestions to be "your very best," and a debrief at the end of each week. 

Everything Included:
  • Spiral bound to lay perfectly flat (easiest planner to write in & manage)
  • Full 12 Months of Fill-in Pages  - Plan and Organize your full year, all at your fingertips
  • ​​Monthly Preview Page - Preview each month, see and plan for the big picture
  • Weekly View & Daily Schedule - View your whole week in one glance while planning each day individually (best of both worlds)
  • ​Daily Schedule & To Do List - Plan, schedule, & track each day's tasks, appointments, and priorities
  • ​65 Inspirational Quotes - Stay motivated and inspired to Become Your Best
  • Weekly Productivity Tracker - Measure, track, & improve each week's productivity
  • 30-Page Notes & Thoughts Section - Capture important notes and record your ideas
  • 2022 Monthly Preview - Manage and stay on top of each day of 2022 with this preview
  • ​2021 / 2022 2-Year Preview Page - See every day on one page for the next two years
Plus the COMPLETE set of Guides:
  • ​Introduction & Quickstart Guide to jump start your peak performance & success
  • Performance vs Productivity Guide to help you measure and track your growth; performance increases with measured and tracked
  • Do What matters Most Guide to accomplish more & live more, but with less stress, learn to focus on Doing What Matters Most
  • Personal Vision Guide, Example, & Template - lead life by design, not by default; Develop your person vision
  • ​Annual Goals (Roles & Goals) Guide, Example, & Template - Set and accomplish your goals; integrated tools and tracking included
  • ​Pre-Week Planning Guide & Tutorial to start accomplishing 30-50% more every week (equals 500+ more accomplishments for the upcoming year)
  • ​6-Step Process Guide - Solve your biggest problems, seize the best opportunities; this is the template and guide

PLUS: FREE Shipping (U.S.)

PLUS: FREE Shipping (U.S.)

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